Here ‘s a small sampling of the kind of photography I’ll feature on this site.  Click on each small photo for the full format version.  Soon, a photo gallery will be available to view photos in galleries with such names as Looking Closely, Living Water, Entering Mountains, The Beauty of Ordinary Things, etc. Stay tuned!

IMG_3078 P1020804 Summer Stream above Taos  P1000363 IMG_3078 Snow ShadowHigh Fall IMG_0521P1070129 P1020585 P1040583  P1030376 P1090707 P1090637 waterfall Seed HeadP1070046 Winter Forest  P1040563 P1040919 P1040885 Mountin P1010389 Fall LeavesP1010176  Mirror Lake Tree P1070805P100073220130731_091154 Time P1000170